IAOC Tech Tips for Jan/Feb 2006



A note from Scott:

I was just reading through my latest newsletter (Jan-Feb 2006), and
I like the Tech Tip article on the Amphicar carry-on tool kit.
Hopefully nothing bad will happen, but if it does, it's nice to feel
prepared and self sufficient.

However, I did notice a problem with the wire's routing as described
in the "wire trick". This simple "hot wire" method should be done
with the wire going from the negative side of the battery to the
negative (ignition switch) side of the coil. Incidentally, this
procedure will work whether the car is positive or negative ground.
You simply connect the wire from the "hot" side of the battery to
the "switch" side of the coil (the side with the wire coming from
the ignition switch). This allows the engine to run regardless of
any issues with the bilge blower, or any other electrical fault
within the car.

Scott Brunner
Gordon Imports, Inc.