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What a great joy showed up in the mail. The newsletter was like being in Celina again. So many old faces! How the f did we get old??!!! Thank you so much to Pat and Larry for a fintastic magazine...oops newsletter.
John Capone said something about a decade ago. We were discussing people and he said, I never belonged to a Club long enough to actually know some one. We both realized this is the only Club that we have stayed with. Looking at newsletter we are not the only ones. Thank You to all my old and new friends.

Jon March

It was value-packed for sure! A real collectors- issue for sure - gorgeous job by many generous and hardworking people who keep the marque alive and vibrant!


Amphicar Expert
Jeepster club newsletter, I do not know why they even mail it out there is so little in it. Yes This newsletter is always on my Hope it's in pile.!
I'm back in the warm country! YEA!