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Celina Swim-in 2018
July 26-29, 2018
Update #12
Just 4 more weeks to go!

Registration closes in 2 weeks.

Registration for the Celina Swim-in closes in two weeks on July 8th. Please get your registration forms to Mike Bayman. We need head counts so we can notify the caterers. If you were in Celina last year, you know how important that is, since we ran out of food at the banquet last year. Those who register after July 8th or do not register and just show up will be asked to wait until the end of the line to eat. We are making every effort to make sure everyone gets feed but we need your help in getting your registration in. Your registration also makes sure we have enough “Goodie Bags” for everyone. Mike also wants to make up name tags ahead of time. It also us insure that we have enough “goodies” for the kids that come along. So please get your registration in before July 8th.

Dash Plaques – Did we tell you that there is going to be a dash plaque for your car to commemorate this 50th Anniversary Swim-in? They will be in your goodie bags. They come with double sided tape, but we will have some magnetic tape available if you prefer to stick it on your dash that way. We may have a few extra if you want to purchase one for another car. These will become a real collector’s items in the future.

Hawaiian Shirt and Fabric – We will be bringing the extra Amphicar Hawaiian Shirts and the Fabric to Celina. So if your shirt doesn’t fit or if you love it so much that you feel you need another one, we will have them at Celina. The selection of sizes are limited, so if you want to call or contact me to see if I have the size you need I can reserve it for you. I will bring it to Celina and save you the postage costs. We will also have the Fabric by the Yard available, so bring your measurements and buy some fabric.

Board of Directors – Mike Clark has advised the board that he would like to step back with the management of the club. Mike has been a board member for over 10 years including 6 years as President. Without Mike’s commitment and dedication to the club, there might not have been a club during those years. Make sure you thank Mike at Celina for all of this past work and efforts.
Mike has handled the Membership portion of the club’s activities. This included keeping the roster up to date, making sure everyone had paid their dues in a timely manner and maintained the e-mail list of members. We are now looking for someone to fill Mike’s role and duties of Vice President of Membership. If you are interested in being considered for this position, please let me know. The Board will makes its decision at the Celina Swim-in and if you come to Celina we would like you to participate in the board meeting.

I hope you have seen the photos of the Re-built Transmission in the updates I have been sending. I looks like new. With the free parts and labor, this is going to be a big money maker for the club. Make sure you buy your tickets ahead of time if you aren’t coming to Celina or buy them at the Swim-in in July. As of this morning we have sold 150 raffle tickets.

Registration Closes July 8th.
At last count we have over 60 cars registered and planning on coming. We could hit 75 cars, if we are lucky.
The final registration date is just 2 weeks away so please get your registration in. We need to have your registration so we have a good head count for the meals. Each week, I have been asking you to send in your Final Registration form for Celina. We have about 15 people who signed up initially, on line, but who have not sent in their Final registration. So please get your registration form in, so we get a good idea of who is coming to Celina.

REGISTRATION FORM- If you haven’t already filled out the Registration Form for the Celina Swim-in, please do so. We need everyone who is coming to Celina to complete the Registration Form. If you “pre-registered” on the website, we now need you to complete the actual full registration form. You can find it in the last issue of Wheels and Waves, on the www.Amphicar.com website, attached to Gordon Imports - Weekend Specials e-mail that they send out every Friday or drop me a note and I will forward a copy to you. We need all the information to be filled out including the names for the name badges and if you are bringing the kids we need their names and ages. Please send the completed form to Mike Bayman, 4372 W. US Hwy. 36, Urbana, OH 43078 or e-mail him at bayman4@ctcn.net. You can also order the Swim-in T-shirts on this form. Please do it today so you don’t forget.
Registration is due by July 8th.

We update our e-mail mailing list this morning. If you have not been receiving these updates and the information on the Amphicar Transmission Raffle, let me know and I will forward all the updates you may have missed.