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Celina Swim-in 2018
July 26-29, 2018
Update #16 -Last One!
TWO (2) Days to Go.

Well, our SUV is packed, we have the Amphicar full of things, all we have to do is load the Amphicar on the trailer and we are ready to leave for Celina in the morning. Hope you are almost packed up and ready to head to Celina.

Lastest count was 77 Amphicars and 240 people.

Here is your check list of things to do when you first get to Celina:

  1. Pick Up your Name Badges
  2. Register and sign up for games, giving rides, all activities.
  3. Sign up to volunteer to give rides for Charity.
  4. Sign your car up for the Judging for Trophies.
  5. Sign the Shirt for the Eagles, actually the back of the display case.
  6. Pick up your Hawaiian shirts and fabric, if you had us hold it for pickup in Celina.
  7. Set an alarm on your phone for the Group Photo on Saturday.
  8. READ the materials in the Presentation Folder in your Goodie Bag.
  9. Buy your Transmission Raffle tickets from Pat Depasquale.
Name Badges – Your Name badge is IMPORTANT. It has your Raffle Number on the back of it. We do not have a master list, so when we do the raffle drawings you will need your name badge. Plus we want to know who you are. Please wear it at all times. YOU MUST HAVE IT TO WIN ANY OF THE RAFFLE PRIZES AT THE BANQUET

Presentation Folder – There will be a folder in your goodie bag that includes a list of all the Schedules of Events for the entire weekend and on a Day by Day basis. There is a map of the area. Keep a copy in your car. Your Amphicar Lanyards, Dash Plaque, Amphicar Decals, and other goodies are included in the folder. There is also a list of sponsors and club members who have donated items. If you donated something and your name is not on the list, I am sorry about that. We will recognize you at the banquet. Finally, there is a comment/feedback sheet. Please fill it out and give it to me in Celina, e-mail or mail it to me. We are trying our best and would appreciate your comments on what you liked the most and where we can improve next year.

Registration Desk – We may not have someone manning the Registration Desk at all time. Remember we want to enjoy the Swim-in as well. We will make sure you get your goodie bag and shirts, just be patient if we aren’t there when you get there.

GROUP PHOTO- Remember the biggest event of the Swim-in is going to be the group photo. Make sure you are there on Saturday at 1:00 pm.

Volunteers- WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Please help us by giving rides for Charity. We can’t do it all by ourselves, so give us a hand.

Hawaiian Shirts, Fabric and Badges Left to Sell- We have a limited number of Amphicar Hawaiian Shirts left to sell along with Fabric by the Yard. We have a few 50th Anniversary embroidered Badges left to sell as well. First come, first serve. When they are gone, they are gone.

Memorabilia -Bring your memorabilia to share the history of the club. Bring the things you want to sell. Bring anything you want to donate for the group raffle. We have a lot of things for the raffle but the more we have the better chances you have to win something.

TRANSMISSION RAFFLE – We will be selling tickets for the raffle up to 1:00 Saturday before the Group Photo. If you want to buy tickets see Pat DePasquale. As of yesterday morning, we have sold 484 tickets and hope to double that number with onsite Celina sales. The last time to purchase via Pay Pal is Friday afternoon. Maybe we will sell a 1,000 tickets, in total?

Reminder- This Swim-in is being sponsored by the IAOC for its members and families. If you are bringing adult guests, they are more than welcome, but we ask you to buy a meal ticket for the two dinners on Friday and Saturday night. The cost is $10.00/person/meal. Kids are free. If you are not a member of the club, you can become a member at the Swim-in and your meals will be included in your membership. Buy your dinner tickets when you register.

If for some reason you still have not registered, please call Mike Bayman at 937-652-2505 today. We need to know how many people are coming. We don’t want to embarrass you when we have to ask you to wait to the end of the line to eat, or that we don’t have any more goodie bags, or you won’t have a number for the raffles.

Remember you aren’t coming for a long time, just a good time!

See you in Celina! The weather forecast is perfect.


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Should be a great time, especially for anyone who has not attended.

77 Amphicars will be quite an accomplishment, kudos to Jim and the club on that one. The last time numbers came that close, gasoline was $1.51 per gallon (in 2002).

These days pulling a trailer across the PA Turnpike is about $140 dollars in tolls round trip.and another $300 in fuel at $3.00+ per gallon.

The cost is certainly a factor. For me, the bigger hurdle is that I will be doing college visits with my daughter.