Sound like vapor lock or something else?

Had Hell michigan swim today. Hot but cooler than it has been here. Installed Friese clutch and worked great all day. On last lake in the chain and engine stumbles sputters loses power and dies in the water. Starts back up after a few minutes and runs until we find ramp. Driving home and same thing. Sputters and dies. Pull over and sit for a few an starts up and off again. Took seven times doing this to go 3 miles.

Made it home but stumped as to what caused this. New electric fuel pump but not overheating. Torn between fuel and maybe coil or rotor? New gas today and ran for quite awhile before acting up. Any ideas?


Amphicar Expert
Rons was doing this in Fl all last winter.
we switched coils and of it would go then do it again.
He had a old elcrtonic Dist in it.
we Finally changed the Dist, back to a standard one I had and no more problems

If you have a regular dist. change the piont cond rotor(USE LUCAS)(Ron has a set in Mich.- he's at John Lamberts)
and the main wire lead inside the Dist.

Fuel... Unless you use some suppers or av. gas you need to add both Lead ,and additives to conter act the %^&*& ethanal in todays fuel.
I use Starbrite's....STAR TRON Gasoline Additive(Blue bottle)
Make sure flow is good and not clogged at the tank or filters.,. An etra elc. fuel pump at the front of system is usually a good way to pump fuel; back if reg pump Vapour locks.
The Metropolitan club had a good article on this and I gave it the the club to publish with an OK form there Editer last year.. (nothing done yet)

Note the heat sheild I built up on my Glass car, the fuel line wrap. and the extended dip stick.

It will be at Celina Thursday morning100_2817.JPG

Thanks very much for the suggestions, it really helps to get an objective and expert opinion when struggling with issues like this.
I am probably overdue for an old fashioned "tune-up", so that will not hurt.

Doing some investigation yesterday I discovered my radiator was about half empty. As I filled it up I remembered my top radiator hose was leaking after replacing the engine last week, and after filling today it started to drip. I then remembered the temp gauge was back to the red even after switching fan direction cooled it to a half way point on gauge. I also remembered the first time I hit bilge pump on water it came out much greener than the lake water, so antifreeze was in bilge. I believe it was overheating and vaporlocking, although it took a long time to act up as we were on the water for hours.

So, back to metal fuel line with heat wrap from rubber hose, tighten hose clamp, fortify heat shield, and another test. (fingers crossed)

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