Oregon Illinois


Dave Derer

Looks like it will be a sunny day tomorrow for car show/ swim in/ castle
visit. BW2 has more accesories. A pair of Mermaid boat bumpers. (Yes
Amphipoda, the new one has your name on it) I put in a heater from a
conversion van so Margie wont complain about being chilly! Three speeds
so is actually functional. Plus has evaporator core for air
conditioning. That hopefully will be next years project, to have an ice
cold Amphi when its really hot out. Later Dave the Wave

David Derer

Perhaps one of the last swims this year in Illinois? Oregon (the end
point of The fifth and final Swim with Dave the Wave) Car show oh so
near the boat ramp. Colors changing, teepees lining the river as civil
war folk play in their camps. The Castle open to the public. This
Saturday! Later Dave the Wave.