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Amphicar Expert
weekend past was Ralph's little car meet. Amphicars are a bit big for this but are welcome.Amphicar owners Herb, from ohio and Bill from Brantford Ont, where present but not with Amphicar. Herb broght a Isseata, I brought a Metropoitan on Sat,
On Sunday I took the amphicar and The hole group(25) meet for Brunch at at Pioneer village not to far from my home. had a great meal served and a good tour.I plan to add this Venue into next Years 2013 swim in on the Sunday
Pic of outside of original homestead we ate in.It was very crowed but they served us all, 2ed's too,thats Herb there in the dark blue T shirt.IMG_6054.JPGIMG_6064.JPG .IMG_6055.JPG