correct rim color?

Jon March

A friend said that a rust oleum sand-like color was the closest to correct - but it seems a but too "sand" like compared to the off-white on my original rims and in the lower picture

what is the color in the lower picture -
,,,,not a "pure" while - but it exactly matches the whitewalls..nice!.

Screen shot 2018-03-07 at 12.57.04 PM.png
Jon, I painted my 4 rims, steering wheel, column and signal switch the Beach Sand white body color. I still have a quart if you need the code. Heres a pic of a my steering wheel.

NH, alton bay 9-2015 005.JPG

Jon March

I'd love that Jack - ( any chance you can also post a pic of your wheel/sidewall to see if the color is the close match im lookin for?)


Amphicar Expert
500 mile car of Tommy in Tampa, never been painted.. All white rims are painted with the same colour(Canadian spelling) as the White Amphicar. Steering wheel, knobs, Visor brackets are a deeper shade. I add yellow tint to the white to darken it a bit. you can see the shade of Tommy's in picture of radio.



Jon March

Gord - great reply - i see the subtle difference you point out. It helps me to understand what my "personal" preference is- (top photo). Although maybe not exactly 100% accurate, I think i like best, the look of the rims matching (close as possible) the color of the white in the actual whitewall (and, yes, keeping the sidewall that color with cleaner, to at least slow down inevitable eventual yellowing)
This will be fun when i bring one of my tires to the auto paint shop to scan the sidewall with the color-match camera#%.

rim sidewall colors.png


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The correct colour is exactly the same as a German taxi. Google "German Taxi" to see what I mean !
German Taxi colour has its own RAL code, 1015. From that almost any paint suppliers should be able to mix it.
Don't paint them bright "appliance white" I understand your logic of matching the tyre but they just look wrong !

Jon March

Well, i 100% agree that they would look a mite wrong from the originally delivered, stock-look...but were all cars delivered with that color rim-if so, a "whitewall-white" wouldnt be as wrong as some of the other various colors ive seen rims be#%.
Coming from a car that had original CEAT white walls that were taller and had a more massive "white area", and now going down to a slightly smaller radial and slightly less wide white wall, i'm looking to re-create that big thick white statement that I'm used to.
I think it adds a thickness and mass to the wheel wells that makes the car look beefier when it's all a unified white color… At least to my eye. There's something to be said for the chrome and two separate shades of white along with the black tire… But having four colors in a small wheel assembly just seems too busy to me ... Just a personal thing .
Who knows what I will do; at this point the rims are an off sand color and the tires are mounted and balanced l, so as it is I would have to dismoubt, strip them down, refinish the rims, and do all that crap ...and that's not high on the list of priorities when the motor isn't even running, and the windows, top, interior and trims arent even in yet. Most important of all – you guys really helped me know where my thought process is in the spectrum of opinion and options that are available out there… Once again proving the value of this resource and your collective generosity
V shall C.


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All Amphicars in blue, green and red came with that yellowish rims, only white cars, which are slightly brighter than RAL1015 came with red rims.

You will never get the same colour as the white walls, they will turn darker by time and get dirty. Best alternative are rims in car colour.


Ken Chambers

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While not factory correct, when my white car was painted red (by the previous owner), the original red rims were kept. Personally, I think red rims with the red car is a much nicer match.
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