Video of correct method for top opening & closing

Jon March

could someone make and post an iphone video of how-to?

Reading the threads has me scared to attempt touching my top (that came in the up position when i bought it )@&^#

(and theres a gap between the silver pins above the windshield where it seems it should be better seated im not sure if that means its improperly fitted and wont go back up if i release it?)



take a pic of the inside view showing the latches. to me that looks like the latches aren't completely locked in place. are you able to press the top down flush by hand?

Jon March

Thanks! - i just took a closer look - and the clamps are fully engaged inside - with a tight fit of the gasket.

on closer inspection - i see that (unlike the other corner that is fine) the front passenger-corner of the droptop frame is hitting the upper corner of the windshield area before the rest of the assembly is seated flush -
altho the clamp is fully engaged, the cestion in front of the passenger isnt seating nor is it able to be suched down

the topframe must be bent in some way, causing that corner to hit early -

maybe with a gear puller i can gently re-shape / bend out of that corner so it seats better...