correct brake lining?

Jon March

Received a couple of strong comments recently that tapered brake linings are not correct.

Why exactly, and how advisable/important is it to correct while they are still unused?



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Hello Jon,
I seek your advice about relining my front brakes. Where would you advise me to purchase the lining and rivets?
Len Roe

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The idea being the non tapered will scrape the water off more efficiently. Maybe in a controlled environment you might notice a difference. I would be more aware of using heavy metal/ceramic shoes. They do have gripping power but have better metal than the drums. When a wheel cylinder sticks or park cable holds they eat up the drums. So just be aware if brakes indicate any dragging , repair quickly..
Got me thinking perhaps metal spray might restore drums too? And what if they could be hardened?


Brake and Equipment in Minneapolis food my linings and they work great. The linings are not highly metallic so don't wear the drums. Just ride the brakes a bit after coming out and they dry right off.

Hardening the drums would probably reduce the friction coefficient, it can also make metal brittle. They use cast iron for a reason.


Above is a picture of my custom linings that I have been selling for 15 years. they are very soft and will not ever hurt the drums.
They will not last as long as originals but work 100% better. THEY STOP the car when wet!
Come to Florida for a ride with me and I will prove it.
I have a few sets with me in Fl.