Worm Shop building 1500cc Spitfire engines




How does the 1500 engine solve overheating problems? This seams counter

White '63

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The worm shop is to provide bait for ice fishin at tip-up-town. I
got a good chuckle out of that one too.
Building a hot rod 1500cc engine and am ashamed to see such fear
about this engine swap from the list. Go for the low end torque and
additional horsepower. Use the ARP rod bolts and drive at normal
amphi speed on the open road- 55-60 mph and be happy.
With the clutch set-up from John Friese, I will have a very quick
car which can keep up in traffic and be fun to drive. It solves
multiple problems of overheating, clutch shudder, and lack of umph
up these Tennessee hills, which keep me from enjoying the car on the
road and attending local shows or even driving it to work on a nice
I am all for keeping the cars original- kind of, and will keep it
pos ground, but look to add electronic ignition and headers and a
weber DGV carb. I will keep the original engine in the corner and
know it will be there as I can run faster than it can.
Saw a MG Midget this weekend which had rolled over that had the
1500cc Triumph engine in it. I could barely squeeze into the drivers
seat. It has such great cornering ability and grip that it rolled
over rather than skid sideways. It was a rocket of HP to low weight
ratio and may be a parts donor to an amphicar if I am lucky.
Hot Red engine paint & polished aluminum valve cover dreaming.