Happiness is a warm shop


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Why are you showing me this? That's really better than having a top frame with 4 pivots.
I am green with envy ;-). Have fun in your warm, spacious workshop.


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ooops. Just a reminder of Gators open house in Florida. March 21st
Than Friday night party at the Palm Gardens !!!


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My Florida shop is not as clean and neat,That will have to wait for next winter. but the house has a safe place for amphicar parts.
For a list of the parts I carry in FL. go to the Lovers classified,note the 30's style roofing.



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Banks are takeing longer than expected to clear title but the end is HERE!!,, Shops been cleaned up a bit.Hope to make liveable before we go back north
Ron and I will be back next fall,Get POOL working.
Looks like we will have 2 Amphicar shops in Florida!
I started coming down to the Mt Dora swim in ..in the 90.s
Bought a place in area 4 years ago.
Now a place with some room(For cars)
This is a great area to spend winter in!
hey, the 2 bedroom place Im in now will be for sale!