March in Mt Dora expanded schedule-swap meet-vendors-airplane

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Thursday March 22nd 11am Swap meet and Bar B Que at Gators Amphicar. Gators Amphicar your restoration vacation destination. Than a swim to the Spillway. Amphicars have a choice of locks or land. Cocktails at Rod N Reel boat dock at sunset.
Friday March 23rd. Amphis LEAVE at 10am SHARP from public boat ramp 441 at Dead River. Taking the jungle cruise through the Dead River to Tavares. Note, we are not allowed to get out at Tavares. Some may choose to continue to Mt Dora others may choose to turn around and exit in nearby park.
Many are planning on visiting boat show on Friday.
***Friday late afternoon, Amphis meet at The Palm Gardens bar and restaurant. We have banquet room and restaurant reserved for us. They will have menu and full bar. Videos and movies will be playing. This place has a boat ramp. Splash contest.
Saturday March 24th. Peter Fredsall is our Captain. He requests that we arrive early as possible 8am? at Mt Dora boat ramp to properly secure parking and ramp spots. He asks that you bring a dish to pass for a pot luck lunch. Others will head to Mt Dora, etc for lunch. Steam train is scheduled to run between Tavares and Mt Dora. Water Taxis will also be running.
***Special guests Dave and Doug are scheduled to arrive via their amphibious airplane. Rides will be available at reduced rates.
Saturday night farewell dinner at Golden Corral.
***Just announced Gordon Import crew will be in attendance ***
***Canadian Amphicar will be in attendance***
***Midwest Amphicar will be in attendance***

Ron Trudeau

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I'll bring my lunch but I'm not bringing for anyone else.
I would say BYOL.
Sunday........ For those whom stay Gord and Ron will plan a Sunday swim/drive to some real neat Amphicar swim spots in the Florida area.

Temp/ in Florida this year has been way above normal today was over 80 and same for tomorrow. sadly
Gord is heading back to Ontario for a few weeks on Sunday,,,-3 c

IF YOUR LOOKING FOR INTERIOR, this will be a good time to get it, Gord has a Red Kit. Yellow Kit and Tangerine Kit in FL.
For a full list of amphicar Parts in Fl.Email Gord at (
Amphicars, gators and old mohogany boats....I'm in! I've been wanting to attend Mt. Dora for several years but haven't been able to mostly due to medical reasons. Am feeling much better these days and look forward to head south. Wondering too if there are any other Minnesotans attending? Hey Dave and Gord, are there any good resturaunts in the area that can serve up a good plate of gator with a Jack/Coke appetizer?

Brian Crombie
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Less than three weeks to go. Looking to be a great turn out. Roger is selling a lot of stuff. So if you need a door, hood or an engine cover he will bring down to Florida. If you need new sheet metal , let me know. Later Gator Dave

richard pratt

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looking forward to florida i am visiting with family and 4 year old grand daughter for the first time looking for parts owned amp for only 2 weeks rhd looking to go for swim and join in please contact or leave message regarding parts when do i need to let you know by i am hoping to be there on thusday wheres the place to stay yours richard p 162

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Give me a call at 815 910 5502. or email me at Some are staying at Inn on the Green , Holiday inn express in Tavares. Lake Harris Lodge are small cabins on the lake next to our favorite bar/restaurant . Dave


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I plan to bring all my parts over to Mikes on Thursday and keep them on hand for the whole weekend. I stock most everything that could possibly break down on a Amphicar.... except that part. you know the one YOU need. Most bearings and seals for the wheels and props etc. Tune up stuff. coils, Fuzzies and door chanels,rubber fllor mat kits. soundproffing kits, generators, starters,NEw iten, Alu trim and the rubber for top of doors on 65-67 cars....
all my fiberglass parts will be on display(such as the fibreglass door skin in pic) and a few interior kits, boxed and ready to ship.
My Florida cell #386 882 0334. (only when Im in States) my Majic Jack # 352-301-7022.. (meesages left there come up on my emails)


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Mike in N.H.

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The RV campground at Gator Amphicar is ready for visitors. The palm trees are trimmed, the grass is cut, there are water hookups and 30A electric hookups , a dump station, and an indoor restroom . Free. Plenty of room for everyone to store your amphi trailer inside our security fence. Bacon and eggs taste best served outside on the docks (beneath the spanish moss covered cypress trees) at Palm Gardens about 1 minute from shop and they have a great ramp on the Dead River. The best cheeseburgers on the Lakes are at Buzzard Beach on 441 next to the public ramp. Microtel on 441 is close to everything and $55 per night . Swap meet and BBQ Thursday 10 to 2 and then the fun begins. Be sure that your bilge plug is in and bilge pump is working BEFORE you tease or insult the aligators. Shop is located at 32643 County Road 473, Leesburg, less than a a 5 minute drive to the boat show.


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Luck was with me yesterday, and a friend in Florida took me to a past amphicar owners home that had parted out a huricane rolled Amphicar 40 years ago.He had all the parts layed out on floor when I got there and the boxes filled up a whole garage bay.Along with a motor, and he says a good Trans. , rads and the surrond, heaters,blowers, rust free front and rear hoods, all the spring seats, on, and on,,, we loaded up Rons pick up full to brim And will be in Fl till about April 10th.
If your looking for something in perticular your best to call me on the numbers in message above.Best would be the majic Jack number and leave a message.