Florida Swim In. March 14

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Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
I'am getting bit excited.....To kick off the party we will be meeting at my shop in Leesburg and drive over to the Silver River. Heavy current, alligators, kayakers and crazed monkeys will be waiting.
The last time I did this......I will save story for later. We suggest taking hub caps off. Submerged trees have a way of denting them. A truly exciting time plus due to ever increasing laws this could be the last time.
If you plan on coming down to Florida I highly suggest doing this.
Some do but I suggest NOT feeding the monkeys. If one bites you it will be bad.


Amphicar Expert
What you might see next Friday at our swim in,, Just past this sign,, 6 Manatee swam under the Amphicar(motor off)


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