Amphicar in Movie


Okins, Gerald E

Was flipping through channels the other day and came across an amphicar
appearance. The movie is titled "The President's Analyst." AMC was showing
it a couple times in July. The movie is from 1967, Starring James Coburn
and Godfrey Cambridge.
Supposedly a comedy. I only watched 20 minutes of it. The plot seemed to
be about the phone company wanting to implant personal communication devices
into everyone's brain, thus eliminating the need for expensive wires and
other infrastructure.
I don't recall if anyone had mentioned this as an "amphicar movie" before,
so I thought I'd pass it on.

G. O.

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Hello everyone,
That reminded me of a day that my dad and I were also surfing the channels
and an Inspector Clouseou movie was on and as we turned it on, an Amphicar
and another car were in a car chase. The Amphi went into the water and the
other car followed and didn't get too far after, it sunk. It was a pretty
cool scene. Later the Amphi was sitting on top of this giant ship. Its neat
to see them in movies.

Chris Terwedo
Uncle has '64 white
Stillwater, MN

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