1965 Amphicar movie


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Howdy all,

A gentleman living a few blocks away (who had noticed my Amphicar parked out the front), visited today, and discussed a movie that he had been part of the production team - in 1965.

The movie was "Ein Ferienbett mit 100 PS". A German production, it was a musical staring a couple travelling Europe in an Amphicar....no doubt a little light & fluffy.

He gave me a copy of the original "Film Kurier" film review/info booklet and showed me many of the photos he took (he was the camera assistant) behind the scenes throughout the production. He's offered to send some copies of these to me, and I'm happy to post them if there is any interest.



That movie is on the Amphicars-in-the-Movies page at amphicar.com, Rhys, but more information is always worthwhile. I look forward to reading and seeing some "inside scoop". Thanks! --Larry


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Ben,, for the Neatherlands sent me over may posters from that Movie,, I have them hung up on the walls of my NEW office in Florida.

Too bad there not a GOOD movie with the Amphi as a star,
Pontiac moon is about the closest.


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Hello,i've got the original pix that where put out in the cinema.
Some off them are in Gords new, nice ,warm , FL office. {You would love to be there i think or not GORD} no snow in FL only sunshine.
It was a German and Swiss made movie in 1965.
I saw it in the early 70ties, i remember some parts of it.
I would love to see it again, is there somebody who has this movie??????

Kind greetings to everybody Ben