Barn Find 1965 Amphi


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65amphi2.jpg65amphi5.jpg I sold my one and only Amphicar back around 1988. Finally after 25 years, I am once again a proud owner of an Amphicar. This 1965 will need plenty of work, but I was looking for a project. I'll need plenty of advice, so I will be leaning on some of you as I go. Thank you all in advance. Paul


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Thank you Gator Wave Dave, I may take you up on the offer, or I will have to fabricate another rotisserie. I'm currently cleaning out years of debris, with plans on pulling the trans to check the condition. I will also be looking for an engine. Can you tell me what year Triumphs will work? Hope the move is going well. Paul


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I have a NOS Amphicar 1147cc (Triumph. Harrold) motor, I am in the middle of rebuilding a 1147cc motor, will be bored out 20 thou, and have 2 or 3 on the waiting blocks.
With work any 1147 cc, 1297cc or the 1500 cc Tr motor will work. THe 1297 cc motor is a great upgrade
a heat sheild under carb is a good Idea! note the longer dip stick
The longer plastic coated choke cable(I stock)!100_2838.JPG

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