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Grand Pa Wave emails every morning. A few days ago he did not. My Brother called and building supervisor checked in on Dad and called Paramedics. Dad spent the night on floor. He refused medical treatment and ride to hospital. So they put in bed. When I arrived he was back on floor. After much struggle I was able to get him on bed. I knew I could not care for Dad. My Brother and I went to Heritage Health in Mendota. Dad visited there when he broke his leg.
He hates being told what and when to do everything. They are not used to an intelligent and coherent patient. Plus he jokes and openly flirts with Nurses. They realized they also need to give him a full dose of "medicine"!! I explained his "medicine" and Doctor agreed.

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
If all goes as planned, Grand Pa Wave will be leaving the Nursing Home. He recovered nicely and is wanting to go back home. Thank You to all that sent notes. Dave


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That's good news. I hope that his mailbox is full with getting better cards and christmas/new year cards.
Than he has something to read when he get's back to his home.