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Hello there is a cheater on the internet trying to get a deposit or shipping money by offering a project amphicar. He is offering it for 12000,-- euro's
His pix shows a green Amphicar in a garage/barn with some project US cars in the back ground.
So everybody watch out and be warned.


First of all,I'm sorry for the late reply.I was away from the city ( job assignments ) and I couldn't e-mail you sooner.
The car is still available for sale,so if you're still interested I'll be waiting for your reply.The final price is 9000 euros ( I can't go lower ).
The car has never been involved in accidents or crashes.
I inherited the car from my grandfather who lived in France.That's the reason I put the car on sale in France.I thought I will sell it much more faster.
I'm selling it because I already have 2 cars and I can't afford to pay extra taxes for another vehicle.
The car is now in Preston,Lancashire,U.K.I'm willing to ship it ( I will pay half of the shipping fees ).
If you'll decide to purchase it,I need your city postal code for estimations of the shipping fees.
I'll be waiting for your soonest reply.
Thank you and kind regards!

Thibault Stirre