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You call them VIN numbers, I call them...

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You call `em VIN numbers, I call `em birth marks.
It is commonly believed genetics plays a semi-random
role in birth mark formation and location. But it
does seem likely that our Amphis are all related
since each has a birth mark, they appear to be
about the same size and shape, and most all are
located in the same place. Interestingly enough
some cultures used to think that a birthmark was
a sign of being special - either special good or
special bad. (I reckon they are special good on
Amphi). We now know that genetics do play
a role and predisposes Amphis to all sorts of
characteristics like having, crinkled dash skin,
large or small bilge openings, propeller shields,
or a certain body build with or without rear fender
lips. I'm not at all certain that this recent slew of
birth mark comparisons is altogether healthy from
Amphi's mental perspective. While being a source of
self consciousness for some Amphis, these birth marks
are harmless in most cases, (unless accompanied by
scabs of rust or boils of paint), and therefore not
normally a serious health threat. However I do
recommend that you inform your Amphi about
your findings so to relieve any and all tensions
created by probing about Amphi's innards.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

PS - Why couldn't I gain access to the chat nook
last night? Was it too full or not operational or
was my computer doing undisclosed Java choking?

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