You are not alone.................



Yes, I too am sitting at home. Had to cancel the room at the Holiday a
couple weeks ago.
Have to go see the doctor on Monday to have our third child. My timing is
not very good. Had to skip last year as #2 was born on the 13th of July. We
shall shoot for next year.

Went on a cruise in the lake and full steam into the waves splashed the kids
and we all got wet.
Was running hot last night and got stuck briefly as new fan decided not to
run. Got that fixed now, but still runs hot.

Chins up, and get out there and take a swim or work on the car to get ready
for next year. I had to wait five years until I was ready to make the trip
to the national event (which was in NY state then). Made the first 2 in
Celina, and missed the last 2. I trust everyone had a good time last night
and there are no hangovers today. May be able to go to the local (kinda) one
in southern KY this fall. I did get to go to the car/boat show in NC last
year as a consolation for missing the big show in Ohio. Small swim-ins are
really fun too.

Done having babies in Tenn, Mark Richardson

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Mark Richardson