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You always remember your first...

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You always remember your first...

Amphi & I had become a little complacent with
"first timers" in our amphibious realm until we
shared a ride with someone who was afraid of
the water. Imagine that... being afraid of water!!!
Anyway, this new passenger encounter really
drove home that the proverbial virginal wet entry
is really something kinda special. After all there
is only one "first time" for any Amphi rider, even
though the thrill is nearly matched with each
successive re-entry. And of course the ever
mounting anticipation is a marvel all unto itself.
Amphi likens himself to the Magic Johnson of
introductory first time swimmers having logged
dozens, perhaps hundreds, of the newly wetted.
It is indeed a special gift to be shared with all,
that first time in, be it back seat, front seat, or
even the voyeuristic gleam from the pier. All
these Amphi encounters are treasures we should
cherish. From Amphi's perspective - even the
slow entry, and gradual buoyancy that follows, is
appropriate in some cases - the young and the
elderly seem to actually prefer the slow entry
method, while most others hope for the wildest
possible Amphi interlude. And some just like to
go in-&-out, in-&-out, in-&-out as long as there
is adequate protection and it's safe. Oh... how I
digressed from our water fearing passenger tale...
perhaps another time.

On the semi-related topic of tranny balls and shafts
posted by others - I will endeavor to research this in
depth and report at a later date.

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on the value of Amphipoda postings. The votes
are completely anonymous - even to me. Thanks.

64' Turquoise
Sandy Eggo, CA

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