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Yo Chas,
What's the IRS form number for
that niffty extension? Amphi
reckons you might be on to some-
thing there.

'64 Turquoise
Sandy Eggo, CA


I dunno if this will help or if you were
even addressing me (Amphipoda or John or
Joan?), but here is a repost of something
that may help in your snow delemma;

Instant Safety Retrofit...
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 11:29:19

Sometimes my mind just clicks and
the ideas flow like a turbo charged
bilge pump, (I can hear the peanut
gallery mocking me already...).
Anyway, today while driving to work
something struck me as I passed one
of those double wide load rigs towing
a huge earth moving vehicle. I noticed
the wheels on that massive vehicle, they
easily measured 14 feet in diameter...
Hmmm, if I could get hold of one of
those tire inner tubes... the fit would be
perfect, nearly total coverage and as simple
to install as putting on an old pair of PJ's,
inflate to the desired thickness (3 to 4 feet)
Whaa Laaa! - The birth of the Rubber Amphi Bumper.
Imagine the possibilities my dear open-minded
fellow finned friends. Never again having
fear of over zealous jet skiers, run away
buoys, or unstable docks. Never another
shopping cart caused door ding, parking lot
induced scratch, or dent to ruin all that swell
body work or that slick new paint job. Even
road/snow driving would have that added security
in knowing your entire Amphi is protected
with no less than an extra 4 feet of rubber
bumper all the way around. If you've ever
felt like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs
while navigating your Amphi in today's
treacherous terrains... consider the Rubber
Amphi Bumper. And for those of you who
like it wild... find a fellow Amphi and do
Rubber Bumper Amphi bumper cars (try saying that
5 times fast) on the water. Hey.... maybe
a Celina 2003 Olympic game here?

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

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