Yet another new media / image gallery feature


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Hello All,

A few months ago I added an image gallery feature to the forums. It never really took off. In part I think this is because the integration with our software made it a little confusing.

I have just updated the forums with an entirely new media gallery. You will likely notice the images now apearing on the screens and there is a "Images & Videos" link at the top menu. As the name implies, it supports both photos and video.

If you go to the media link I think you will find it much easier to create albums into which you can post your Amphi photos and videos. It would be really great to turn this into a valuable resource for people undertaking restorations, sharing events, etc.

Give it a try, let us know what you think. Note that once pictures are in the media gallery that they will begin to appear (randomly) in the image blocks at top of main pages. I do exclude the images from the mobile phone template just so they do not eat up too much data.


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