Yet Another Gord Sighting

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Allan Woodcock

Gord is headed for Arizona after a very nice visit last night with John
Friese and myself. We started at about 4 PM with "show and tell" at my
shop. John was just arriving in his red Amphi when a storm cell was
dumping heavy rain and small hail. Gord arrived shortly after and
showed us his parts - including the very nice interior kit he sells. We
went for BBQ and then I " forced" Gord and John to watch Ampicar vidoes.
Gord left LA at 6 a.m. today - hope he has taken his Canadian weather
(bad) with.
'66 red

Al Heath

Allan W. wrote:
>> hope he has taken his Canadian weather (bad) with.

He must a be headin' east... temp's been dropping all night and day, now at
noon its below 40 here, had snow up in the pan handle yesterday and down to
20's tonight up there. By Friday we're supposed to be back in the 60's so
I guess he and his weather will have gone bye...


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