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Year of car issue....


Mike Echemann

Re: Re: Year of car issue....

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<font face="Arial" size="2">I once owned 100032. It was pretty much a parts car at the time. Probably would not be today.</font>
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<font face="arial,helvetica"><font face="Calisto MT" lang="0" size="3" FAMILY="SERIF">Hi, we have #100289 but Gordon S. in the great country of Canada has some
early number cars too. Tommy in Tampa</font>
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Marc Schlemmer

Chris and John,

First, welcome to the group, Chris....we're all glad to have you.

The year of car issue is always a curious discussion. This year at the
Celina Tech Session on Saturday, Ren? Pohl and Paul Rasmussen gave us a
lesson on this. I'm sure others can explain more thoroughly than I can (as
I was fairly stressed about schedules and events that weekend and didn't get
it all) but one key point that I did get was this.
On the VIN's with 6 digits, the fourth digit stands for the year of
manufacture. The final three digits indicates the order in which the car
was made within that year.

For example....my car is 103127. That means that the year of manufacture is
"3" which means 1963. In addition, my car was the 127th car made in 1963.

Chris.....103688 means it was the 688th car made in 1963.

John....your 101027 was the 27th car made in 1961.

The whole story behind the VIN's that Ren? and Paul shared with us was very
interesting....I think I'll ask one of them to write that down for a future
newsletter item. That way we can document it for all the Amphicar world!

Marc Schlemmer.

Cap''n John

> John....your 101027 was the 27th car made in 1961.

That does it! I did not want to learn anything today and now look
what you did! ;)

I would love to hear more on the numbers game. I guess I have a very
early car. What is the earliest car we have among us?

Ren? is not only a very generous guy, he has so much information on
these cars that I wish I knew. Maybe we could get some sort of Spok-
Ren? mind meld thing going so we all can know what he knows. ;)



Re: Re: Year of car issue....

<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="3" FAMILY="SERIF" FACE="Calisto MT" LANG="0">Hi, we have #100289 but Gordon S. in the great country of Canada has some
early number cars too. Tommy in Tampa</font>

Eric Mattlin

Mine is 100116

Titled as a 62.

Using Marc's systems that indicated the 116th car made in 60.

The car is almost as old as I am.

I rember seeing one on a list in the 90's (100096 or 94 something
like that). It was the only one older than mine I've ever seen. It
may well be on Marc's VIN/Year list.

> early car. What is the earliest car we have among us?

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