Year end shout...



The newly reformatted IAOC Newsletter is in the mail
and should arrive before New Years Day in the lower
48 states. Look forward to getting some feedback
(good, bad, or indifferent) because that's what we
use to make improvements. Postage cost is one third
of old format, printing cost is down $250 per batch,
and envelope cost is very minimal (needed only for
our overseas and Canadian members). That should
leave a nice sum in the financial reserves for one
hellva 2006 year end gift and a decent carryover for 2007.

Reminder, the March/April edition will include new
membership cards and a 2005-06 all inclusive member
listing. 2006 is the year to renew and/or join the IAOC?

Amphipoda and the 1st lady (Mermaid) are off to
Las Vegas for the holidays, but I'll be checking my
email and this list for "fin mail."

To all our fine finned friends, aqueous amigos,
the all volunteer IAOC Board, club members and
Yahoo patrons? may the coming holidays and
New Year be the very best for Amphicars and
Amphibians alike.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA