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Very good advice. Thanks. I know where all your snow is. It's here in
Connecticut. Over a foot. Well, I just put my winter boots on for the first
time this year. Guess what?. I got bit by a Yellow Jacket Hornet in the leg.
Ah, memories of summer.


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Just a note to share in my final year end layup. At the end of every year I do a
ritual layup as Im shure most of us do. Mine includes the Greese Job,oil and
trans. changes,checking the wheel bearings for water,(I repack the front ones
but havent had the back ones out yet),Ck the brakes and drums,Clean the
wheels,Then take out the complete interior and make shure the bottom pan is
completely dry ,sometimes I put a fan in to speed up the dry time in the small
spaces,with it wide open I can ck. the cables and hoses and lube all the little
things under the floor,,Last year I discovered that my heater hoses (which were
only 4 year old Gates hoses)were falling apart, I replaced them with 5/8 fuel
line and they look great. My problem with them was the oil residew on the bottom
was rotting the hoses,oil is a good thing (stops Rust) and I have a coating
under the floorboards and was advised long ago that it would extend the life of
the car.Have added some staybil Gas treatment to the fuel.Did a good clean Job
to the seats,Now I get to put it away for 5 months and it will be good to
go.Hope this Helps,,No snow on the ground here , strange for jan 4, Great
Group,,Thanks & a Great Amphi Year to All,,Russ from Wisconsin

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Al Heath

Year end layup??? Heck that's what you do about Mid-June when it gets too
hot to swim and too crowded to enjoy the peace and quiet of lakes. Now's
the perfect swimming weather, few boats, few jet skis, water as smooth as
glass. If I didn't have those honey-do's today ... (cut the grass, rototil
the garden, take down the xmas lights, ....), I would have been swimming
today. Not hot enough to perspire, but don't need a coat either....
Perfect weather ... and those sunsets this time of year are just fantastic.

Al in Texas