Yahoo... oh no?



Mike Israel (the Yahoo admin for this board) can you please
let us know if any funds (i.e., donations or bilge water
viles) will be needed to off set any added expenses? The
notice reads as follows;

"Notice: Important service changes to Yahoo! Groups. New date: Aug
21. Learn more

Update: To give members additional time to manage their files, Yahoo!
Groups service changes will now take place on August 21, 2003,
Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5).

Yahoo! will be implementing service changes as part of our efforts to
ensure that all Yahoo! Groups members enjoy the same high-quality
service. A brief description of the changes appears below. They

Add Members:
? Although there is no membership limit for your Yahoo! Groups, we
will be lowering the limits on use of the Add Members feature to 10
email addresses per day. If you need to add more than this, please
use the Invite Members feature. Learn more...

? Yahoo! Groups will continue to deliver all attachments sent via
email, however, the attachments will no longer be archived in the
Messages area. You may continue to upload files and images in the
Files and Photos areas of your groups. Please re-upload any attached
files you would like to preserve to the Photos or Files areas of your
group. On August 21, all attachments in the Messages area will be
permanently removed, and Yahoo! will be unable to retrieve such data.
Please note: All of your group messages will remain. Only the
attachments will be deleted. Learn more...

? A web membership to a group will be required to access the Files
and Photos areas for that particular group. Learn more...

Thank you for your support as we make these changes."

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA