Yahoo & IAOC for new comers

Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown



I think it is important to point out some distinctions between this
Yahoo Amphicar Lovers group and the International Amphicar Owners
Club (IAOC). While these two separate entities thrive upon each
others members, they are separate and have distinct differences. If
you're reading this then you already know what a wonderful and free
asset Mike Israel's Yahoo Amphicar Lovers site is? especially the
vast archives of knowledge stored behind the "search" button. And we
all keep in touch in here like a big family!

Now regarding the IAOC? is the website of the
International Amphicar Owners Club. There is a "members area" within
this website cram packed with goodies only paid members can access.
The annual membership fee ($25 to $30 depending upon country)
garnishes colorful newsletters every other month, a membership card,
cool gifts, a roster of members world wide, and access to many
amphibious secrets of this and other planets. I'm a tad biased about
this club so I let it's members speak to its benefits. New members
are always welcome and you don't even have to own an Amphicar to

Belonging to both, the Yahoo & the IAOC is the best of both worlds.
All in favor say "AYE!"

John E. (a.k.a. Amphipoda)
President & Newsletter Editor of the IAOC