Yahoo & Escribe



Mike, the Yahoo board is okay, the ads are
no big deal. With the attachments option
disabled our computers are a little less
vulnerable - THANK YOU for being proactive
on this issue.
Also Marc is 100% correct about the Escribe
Amphi-lovers listing. It's got our history,
life blood, and genetic codes all transcribed
for future generations. Should the call for
funds to save Escribe be made... I'm in for
whatever $ it takes to keep the Escribe oracle
available for all. If you've not been to the
Escribe site, please take a look at...

Try the searchable archives... but be fore
warned - searching the term "amphipoda" will
yield several hundred non-technical postings,
many of which not suitable for non-amphibians,
small children, or pets.

Happy New Year... may it be a better year for all.

'64 Turq.

PS - Its time to start thinking about nominees
for the annual Amphibian of the Year award.