Ya never know...



...where Amphicars live!

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting an Amphi-owner who
lives north of me in Loveland. Joel and his lovely wife Lois has had
the Amphi since 1981 (non-member). Joel traded his Ford Fairmount and
$1200 for it! Pretty good deal, even then. He lives on a lake in
town. 30' from his back door and your swimming. We had a great 5 hour
visit, and we went for a swim in my Amphi on Lake Loveland as his was
put away for the winter. I have been trying for 3 years to find a way
to get on this lake. You see it is a very private lake that God
himself would have trouble getting onto. He has a few things he wants
me to repair on his Amphi next year so yet another customer and

After the swim, Joel brought out some of his memorobilia. There was a
postcard from "Sweetheart Motors" of Loveland. I have another card
from Gracie's dealership showing her at Lake Loveland, but not like
this one. Joel told me to take it as he had one more. I was very
happy about that! It will be on the new Minnow site that I am just
finishing up tweaking and I hope to have it published by Thanksgiving.

Rocky Mountain Amphicar

WTB - Horn assy - left headlight eyebrow trim (just a decent used one)