David Derer

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man was it good. Boat show was great-unlike Mt.
Dora , these boat owners enjoyed the Amphicars. We headed out of the
protected cove under a bridge to the open waters of Lake Geneva. We left
early in front of wooden boats. Soon they caught up, they were going
slow and easy. A mile of wood boats. Then vrooom, like a checker flag
going down these haulin butt machines roared to life. AAAHHHHH rollin
4-5 footers did I say AAAHHHHH? I ment AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH sh^%&!! I
put in reverse heading for shore,watching Finches car head forward.
Nothing like watching the bottom of an Amphi. Like a storm there was no
break and as far as the eye could see was zoomin wooden boats. It was so
cool!!! We survived and headed on. Car show was past fabulous. I ll skip
the bloody bathroom story. We had a couple of other scares but survived
and thrived. Later Dave the Wave