wow what a time


David Derer

A good friend from high school came out to visit. I took Wednesday off
and we hit the Rock River in a big way. Goal was to get to Rockford via
the river. After seven hours and maybe one or two i.c.b's , we come
across a guy running and franticly waving for us to stop. He points to a
ramp and we get out. He is a great Cajun host and shows us his motel
that looked only like a very comfortable house. We find we still have at
least four more hours to go. We get back in and an hour later fan belt
breaks and car over heats. The current was nearly as fast as car. I get
on phone and call the motel and ask if a room was open. He hands phone
to wife and she thinks it is a joke. I am sweating bullets with burns on
hands trying to get belt on. Finally she believes and they meet us at
ramp. We drove out no problems. They have a great porch with wood
burner, good tunes, and a view of river that was breath taking. All for
40 bucks a night. I truly think it was Gods way of keeping us out of
trouble. If we had made it to Rockford it would of been a zoo and we
really didnt need to meet any Officers. Next day installed new belt and
drove trouble free home. I already made reservations in planning for
next get away. Later Dave the Wave