Wow what a test


David Derer

Nothing like the stress of taking a new car for its first cruise. Maybe
I am getting gun shy after so many "adventure" cruises. Drive the 30
miles to boat ramp. After usual stops for gas and inspections trouble
free. Stop at ramp and usual old guy starts remembering past stories.
"Hope You don't sink!" Is that supposed to be comforting? I turn off car
and it wont start. New style starter (Highly recommended) has small
wire that came loose. The joy of working on hot engine while old guys
converge and cackle. Car starts, I inch toward ramp, Yeah I know I have
done this a thousand times but....1) It is the Illinois River where it
is deep and fast 2) First swim since full restoration 3) Its not Mine.
So MY heart is racing. No I do not back in. No I do not have a rope
tied. No I do not have some one with tow truck. Sputter. Then nothing.
Yup the car stalled within feet of water. New fuel pump took a dump.
Then a giant storm hit. Luckily no hail, just plenty of cold rain.I was
able to have a fuel pump delivered. It took a good hour on water before
I could enjoy the ride. Actually making it down river and getting out.
Turning around and going in and out back and forth between a couple of
close ramps. Doing that reminded Me of why I love what I do. I hate the
stress but once bugs are worked out it is great. New used or rebuilt it
all breaks. Later Dave the Wave