WOW !!! Ebay Item number: 2426277126



Only 2 days left to bid on Amphipoda's
bottled Celina Bilge Water Extract!!!
The bidding has risen to $5.72 and its
received 11 bids and over 330 visitors.

Due to the intense popularity of this
item, I have decided to waive the ugly
$14.00 for shipping and handling cost
(only for YOU Yahoo & Escribe Amphicar-
Lovers) in hopes the bidding tops $6.00
Note all the other Sellers Payment
Instructions still apply:

"Seller's payment instructions:
Delivery guaranteed within 6 months of
winning bid. I accept personal rubber
checks, fake money orders, imitation
cashier's checks, or trade for authentic
naughty mermaid photos, and/or an Amphicar
transmission or similarly valued Amphicar
parts and/or restoration services."

Be well, swim safe.