Would you believe...



I was having some shocks installed on
my '69 Olds and this old mechanic starts
jawing about old cars, how the new ones
ain't worth plug nickels, and about his
Corvette collection. We get to swaping
photos of our cars and he sees I have
an Amphicar! He starts hooting & howling
and telling me about the last time he saw
an Amphicar was on the Denang River in
Viet Nam (of all places and times). He
said that red Amphicar was awesome, kept
afloat with bullet holes in the doors
and on the bonnet. He said some nutty
officer brought it over in a cargo plane
for shits & giggles, but they actually
used the thing to do scouting and even
a rescue! I find it hard to imagine a
bright red Amphicar in the jungle river
of Nam doing such heroic things, but then
I know Amphi is capable of almost anything.
The mechanic swears he has photos and
has promised to email them to me as soon
as he finds them. I reckon there is an
old Amphi hull rotting away somewhere
in the jungle... and maybe a vet. somewhere
who owes his life to an Amphicar.

Happy Father's Day to my amphibious amigos!
Be well, swim safe.
Swim more in 2004!

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

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