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    Total of 7 cars, perfect weather and calm water. It is Sunday afternoon
    and every one has left. Lots of anticipation, lots of planning. It was
    great. I wish it could have gone on longer. I had to get back home
    because the new owner of The Brown now red Wonder was coming. It is kind
    of a strange feeling. It is nice to take care of those bilgeing bills
    but I can not mount my surf board to red 66. The red 66 ran perfect but
    does not have 200 watts of rock n roll power. I think I will readvertise
    and sell 66 too. It is either sell it or get drill out and get the
    chrome and tunes bolted on. Spring Valley Boat Club called and wanted me
    to plan for next year. I might as well do it. Every body enjoyed the
    Club, the food, and the views. I never gave so many rides before. Could
    it be people tend to trust a car that is painted one color? Later Dave
    the Wave. Viva Celina!!

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