wonderful wonderful


David Derer

It is impossible to describe the feeling of lots of great people getting
together on the river at a great place. I threw Margie a surprise
birthday party. And she was totally surprised. Once again a direct
connection because of the Amphicar. The place we stayed was the place
that I broke down near. Just beautiful. The weather could not have been
better. I even allowed Ray to drive car on land into and out of water.
At 12 he did great. No chattering or over running of clutch. Plus he did
not stall getting out of water. We are going to have a swim in there
next year. It will be connected to a car show/ cruise. We of course will
take river to show and back. There are a very limited amount of rooms.
But there is ample camping spots. We are looking at end of August. Later
Dave the Wave