Wolf Radio and Mermaid?s fickle...

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Wolf Radio and Mermaid's fickle...

Just got my AM/FM Blaupunkt Amphicar radio
from one of the nice German visitors I met in
Celina 2001. Looks to be a perfect fit and is
said to be 100% functional. Don't bother asking
the price... cause he charged me in D. Marks and
I don't have a clue yet how much I owe him. (Wolf,
if you're reading this... thanks very much and the
$ transfer is on its way.)
So now besides a new top, floor, full interior, a half
dozen items under the floor, powder coating rims,
and brake cylinder restorations, I now also have to
install this radio. Amphi thinks it's Christmas...
I reckon it will be a month or more in dry docks,
and poor Mermaid is starting to think I have some
sort of an obsession with Amphi. Can you believe
that?! Maybe my sleeping in the cot next to Amphi
has sent Mermaid the wrong message. I suppose I
could offer Mermaid the cot and I'll take the floor
for a change.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA