Winterchallenge 2001



I agree that better prop control would make our Amphi's much more
nimble in the water. I favor modifying the prop shafts and leaving the
worth their weight in gold transmissions alone! Creating a disconnect
clutch for such mild horsepower would be relatively easy- a simple way
would be a magnetic plate built into a clutch housing that is
energized by a switch on the dash. A metal strip could ride against a
contact ring on the clutch housing to transfer the juice to the magnet
when the switch was energized.

Having said this and also having rode in many large twin screw boats,
the better solution is to be able to reverse one of the screws. This
would be much harder to design but would truly provide a safer, more
controllable watercraft. I shall try to find some commercially
available unit that can be modified for our needs.

Paul Lalewicz
64 Green & 00 AmphiCamper