Winter is around the corner even in San Diego


Steven D. Reich


It's cooling off here on the San Diego coast. Summer was hot - it even
reached 85 on ocassion. Now were getting into autumn with temperatures
75/62 (hi/lo) each day. But just like up north and back east, winter is
around the corner. Water level at Lake Miramar was so low that Amphipoda
and I couldn't swim. The lake closes for a month. Lake Hodges, our
back-up lake, is 22 feet below spill and worse yet, it closes for 5 months.

So, I will do as the rest of you and take the time to do a little
restoration and maintenance. Brake cable needs to be replaced, new shocks
would be nice so while I am at it I might as well put those little rubber
dust covers on the tie rod ends, and I still need to find the pilot jet
that fell off into the bilge.

Of course, I can do all this work outside and enjoy the fresh air and
sunshine. So, eat your hearts out northerners, but don't move here. We
don't need any more people, just Amphi parts.

'64 red (CA: AMPHICR)