Winter in Florida

Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown


Amphicar Expert
I will be heading for Florida around Nov. 1st. Via Cleavland area then down I 75 to Atlanta Ga, area,
If anyone needs Amphicar parts
along that route I can meet up with you, expecially big parts like Fiberglass front hood or quarters.
If you need a interior I need to know today as it takes a while to make them.
It looks like we will have quite a gang down in Fl for the Datonna Turkey Run.Maybe Dave will sneak into the racetrack lake again!
My pool will be open for normal people type swiming.



Amphicar Expert
RON T, IS THERE ALREADY AND HAVE A COULPE OF FRONT HOOD THERE, I'M BRINGING ANOTHER WITH ME./ takeing down my 61 metropatain conv, this winter too.
Bill F. is staying at my place till after daytona turkey run.
Bob with 2 bs """""""""""""
Herb D is " " '"" """''''
Should be working out some plans this weekend as------------------

Oct 1st was Joanne and mine's 40th Anaversery and theres a surprise party for use today.. hmmm