Steve Behnke

There were 2 original manufacturers of Amphi windshields.. one was British,
something like Triplex I think... and the other was German, Sigla if I remember

There is a fully restored SEEP/GPA about 5 miles from my house. The guy is
somewhat afraid to swim it so he only takes it in the water once a year. He was
very intrigued w/Amphi. I may offer to swap a ride w/him. He said something
about the sand chewing up some of the seals when he had it out the time before I
talked w/him.
I have a line on another SEEP/GPA, unrestored.... not sure if it runs... need to
go check it out when I get the chance.

'64 Red

Steve - is this SEEP/GPA the same as the Ford Amphibious Scout car,
identified by that name in the film I received? This Amphibious Scout car is
about Jeep
size, except for a longer bow overhang - it shows the vehicles runnning along
with regular Jeeps on the road and in the field. These in the film also have
apparently a PTO and a foredeck mounted winch to get themselves or others out
of a jam. Do the SEEPS or SEEP/GPA's being discussed have this winch head
likewise? Vic Nelson

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