Windshield Rubber - a little advice



Judging by your location I'm sure you talked to Joe at Metro. (real
nice guy)I have had many molds made with them in the past. The cost
of the mold is figured into the first min. order so its paid for.
After that they make more profit as the price stays fixed at whatever
the original price was. Here is the deal (or problem) with the mold.
You never own it, it is their property so you dont take it somewhere
down the line and make parts elsewhere. You can however get an
exclusive contract deal with them for 2 years so no one else can come
in and undercut your investment buying parts from your mold.They may
offer the part in their catalog at a higher price so ask about that
as well.
Unless you're going into the parts business some people won't know
who you are and just pay the higher price direct. After the exclusive
though, the mold is fair game for any competitor to come in and buy a
bunch and sell out from under you. This has happened with my molds
there now. ( I haven't sold any of my own parts in 6 months or more)
My competition who used to buy from me ( with a nice discount I gave
him ) went direct to the company and has undersold me.
Money talks my friend so make sure you make yours first! JW