Windshield and door handle instal


Widshield..... Are there any tricks to these? Having trouble getting the windshield to fit. Got the gasket on the glass and trying to get it to fit the frame. Starting at the dash and fitting it in the groove working around to the sides. Get to the sides and the bottom pops out. Don't seem to be getting it low enoughfor the top side to fit. Maybe I'll just call a glass install shop. Not using any kind of sealer either. Should I?

Door handles... Fit without the gasket. Can't seem to get them on with the white gasket in place. Is there a trick? Body work on the doors may have made them slightly thicker. :(


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Install the seal onto the windshield then get some clothesline cord (not to small about the dia of a pencil) and place it into the groove on the seal starting at the bottom center and ending there leaving a couple feet extra. You can spray the cord with silicon spray to make it easier. USE NO SEALER!

Center the winshield and seal, placing it onto the bottom lip of the frame so the seal is installed over the lip and lay it fully onto the frame. Slowly but firmly pull the cord out perpendicular to the windshield holding the windshield in place while it seats, slowly keep pulling on the cord so that it lifts the seal over the lip. As you pull the cord out the seal will seat itself. As you move around the windshield, use your palm to firmly seat the windshield. Hit it at an oblique angle firmly to adjust the window and to help the seating process.

If you're nervous about the process, take it to a pro. They probably will only charge you $50 for the 15 mins of labor.

Check the thickness of the filler on your door around the holes for the handle. It may be too thick to get the gasket in there. Hugh's handle gaskets are soft rubber (instead of the correct plastic) and too soft so they will squish out when you tighten them down anyway. I don't use them for this reason.

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