Windows Webserver Space Needed


Bill Connelly

Attention Web Toed Motoring Web Mavens!

Would there happen to be anyone out there running any website based on a
NON-Unix Windows OS server such as Windows NT or 2000 who might happen to
have a couple of megs to spare for a good amphibian cause? Namely, to host a
web-searchable version of the Library Catalog (see )?

Even in its formative state, this Catalog is still very probably the world's
most comprehensive resource on literature concerning amphibious vehicles of
all types, including, of course, the Amphicar. As explained in the webpage
above, it is currently available as a downloadable datafile "library" for
the EndNote bibliographic management program, but I'd like to make access to
its information even easier and more direct over the web. Accordingly, I
have obtained a copy of the Reference Web Poster program (see ), but it requires a Windows
platform, while both and the Club website at are
running on UNIX Apache-style servers.

So, if you're riding herd on a Windows-based webserver, please do drop me a
line off-list, OK? It's a good thing.