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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Larry Solheim, Oct 14, 2000.

  1. Larry Solheim

    Indicative of the condition of our Blue '64 ("MetalBeast") when the
    restoration began, has anyone found stock or a usable equivalent for
    the stamped, "double-U" clips used to fasten the door and rear body-
    mount window guide "fuzzys" (Gordon p/n 11-36-41 or 11-38-24)? Of
    the three reamining, two can be used as samples, the remainder have
    rusted to powder. RJ&L Fasteners and Carlisle & Hershey Fasteners
    could not match the sample I sent.

    Other than some of this final trim, the seven year project is coming
    along "swimmingly". With some focused effort & luck over the winter,
    this ground-up "new car" will join her big sister (White '66 "Amphi")
    in the annual Seattle Boat Parade next May!

    For anyone considering this depth of a project, make sure your
    enthusiasm (and checkbook) is at a much higher level than you would
    ever expect! She's beautiful, though.

    --Larry & Nancy

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