Window Glass Removal


I am having some trouble getting the door glass out of it's retaining channel. I sprayed the old rubber/glue/gunk in the channel down with WD-40 and left it to sit, but I was wondering if anyone has a better way of getting it out?


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Do You mean vent window or rear qtr glass? Either one. Score edge with knife. Wack metal frame using a piece of hard wood placed against frame and hitting with hammer. If some one used glue a little heat from propane torch or electric heat gun can help. Easy You can ruin glass. Just a gentle heat. If You talking about removing large door glass from door, remove vent window frame and if possible other channel. roll window mostly up, take pliers and put a bit of downward bend on channel where rollers(round metal bits,not true rollers) slide, just large enough in front of each roller. move window towards you and up. Get rid of window fuzzys first. If You would just go to Sabula, all would be easier! Later Dave the dang close to floating Wave