Window Fuzzies Installation Question?

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My Amphicar(early) didn't have the side window horizontal fuzzies/squeegies installed when I bought it , so I need a little help. Does the painted metal strip on fuzzie go up or down? Is it best to install clips on fuzzie and then mount to door - or put clips on door and then install fuzzy strip? :032:


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The painted side, edge with a smooth surface of metal goes down into the clip.
I install the clips in doors etc 1st., then put glass in car, then put fuzzies on by using a very thin long screwdriver to hold clip out as I gide fuzzie down in to snap.
with glass already in att. clips can be very fun.
I made a special tool out of a wood T to pull them up into place.
I stock these fuzzies and a set to do whole car is $100.00 8 pcs.(comp. is $129.95 just for 4 pcs for the door only! My kits do rear windows too!)
Also stock the U channel fuzzies, again $100.00 for whole car 6 pcs.
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